Political struggle and volatile romance form the explosive backdrop to this epic series. Sangre Negra is the cross-generational saga of the Santos Family, told telenovela style, combining the family drama of Dallas with the underworld intrigue of The Sopranos. Set in modern day Los Angeles, the Santos family consists of Guillermo Santos Sr., the wealthy patriarch of La Familia de Santos; his glamorous but vindictive wife Laura Santos; the eldest son Guillermo Jr., a slick and ambitious criminal defense attorney; Ricardo “Ricky” Santos, the half black, half Hispanic, illegitimate son of Guillermo Sr; and the youngest of the santos brothers, Christian, who is a decorated police officer.

The charismatic Ricky is an upcoming star in the world of organized crime. Christian Santos is dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles, even if it means putting his half-brother Ricky in jail. Francesca Natal, a former beauty queen and the mother of Ricky’s daughter Natalya is engaged to Christian. Finally, there is Miguel Santos, the 23-year-old college student and nephew of the Santos brothers, who is seduced into the underworld by his Uncle Ricky.

The series features the constant battle between good and evil and how the choices made will determine the path each character will take to achieve the American Dream.